Free Contact Lens Trial

We believe that choosing your contact lens practitioner is as important as choosing the right contact lens. Because of this we don’t charge for your first contact lens appointment or lens trial. You can try lenses without any financial commitment.

Free contact lens consultation and trial with Tim Vanes optician

An Independent Choice

Unlike many multiple outlets we can order any type of lens from any supplier. You will see the same contact lens optician each time and there are clinics almost every day. Tim is a registered optician with a contact lens specialisation and is therefore able to offer advice on all aspects of lens wear.

Tim Vanes independent optician

The Right Lens for Everyone

Some of the lens types we fit include bifocals, varifocals, multifocals, tints, cosmetic lenses, bespoke lenses, sleep-in lenses, therapeutic lenses and lenses for astigmatism. As lens specialists we have a huge range of disposable lenses in stock.

If you have ever been told that you are unsuitable for lenses for ANY reason, give us a call. These days with the right choice of lenses, virtually anyone who wants to can wear lenses.

The right contact lens for every patient at Tim Vanes optician